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BIG (Business Intelligence in the health care system)
BIG (Business Intelligence im Gesundheitswesen)

Health and Performance
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Country Austria
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Contact information

Alexander Ganjeizadeh-Rouhani
Main Association of the Austrian Social Insurance Institutions (Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger)
Kundmanngasse 21
1031 Wien
Phone: +43 1 711 320
Email: alexander.ganjeizadeh(at)

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Type of Study


Data gathering method

Health data information system containing anonymised reimbursement and registry data from multiple sources

Access to data

Conditions of access

Data is not accessible for researchers unless for very specific purposes; requests should be made to Main Association of Austrian Social Security institutions.

Anonymised microdata

Queries for data can be obtained in Excel (.xls, .csv, . Txt)

The data is only available in German.


Data includes all those covered by social insurance (approximately 98% of the population)

Depending on data (1995, 2001)

Stratification possible for age, gender and district.


Austria down to district level

All ages

Data collected on drug information, which includes prescription data (updated monthly) and (electronic) reimbursement codex. The data can be broken down by DDD and ATC-codes and by type of medical specialist and geographical region, by cost of drug, area of prescription, sickness fund, type and age of patient since 2000. General information is from sickness funds (financial and cost-performance statistics, number of entitled persons), DIAG-Extranet data (inpatient data), out-patient data (physician cost statistic (Ärztekostenstatistik), ambulatory care providers, e-card consultations and the Population registry data (Statistik Austria). Corresponds to Health and Performance Topic

• Ganjeizadeh-Rouhani, A. "Information Platform: Business Intelligence in Heath Service (BIG)" (2010). (Informationsplattform: Business Intelligence im Gesundheitswesen (BIG)) In: Soziale Sicherheit des Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger [in German]


Standardization based on age for the Region and Sickness Fund.

The data warehouse BIG matches data from listed data sources, i.e. matching of alternative drugs to each prescription, thus allowing for calculations on cost reduction potentials. There is no matching on the individual level.

Data quality

Not reported

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Strengths: This registry has the potential to match different data sources. Through this system, health experts can find answers to complex and specific research questions regarding health care system performance. Prescription data is updated every month and other data is updated quarterly or once a year. Users may retrieve information through standard reports, ad-hoc queries directly from dataset or may obtain customized reports choosing relevant parameters. Weaknesses: The registry is not user-friendly and researchers need data management expertise in order to use the complex dataset.

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