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Diagnosis Treatment Combination register - hospitals
Diagnose Behandeling Combinatie registratie ziekenhuizen (DBC - ziekenhuiszorg)

Health and Performance
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Country Netherlands
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Department of Health and Health Care
Statistics Netherlands
Henri Faasdreef 312
2492 JP Den Haag
Phone: Infoservice: 003188 570 70 70
Email: info(at)

Timeliness, transparency

Data has not been published yet.

Type of data


Type of Study

Cross-section, regular

Data gathering method


Access to data

Data cannot be downloaded directly.

Conditions of access

Statistics are in development; data source not yet available through CBS


Anonymised microdata

SPSS (default)

Documentation is only available in Dutch.


Data was collected in 2008 using an integral observation of the Dutch population.


Not applicable

Not applicable

Patients of all hospitals and semi-private hospitals that perform care covered by basic health insurance

No age restrictions

Representative for patients of all hospitals and semi-private hospitals, performing care covered by basic health insurance.

Detailed study of: Hospital treatments, diagnosis, treatments, costs.


Linkage will be possible in the future

Data quality

Completeness can vary per hospital

Change in product structure in 2012

In the course of years, there have been many small changes in the system and a major change in 2012.


Strengths: This registry includes all short-stay and long-stay hospitals and semi-private hospitals, as well as outpatient care. Weaknesses: Diagnoses are not registered according to international classification.

  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Frank P. Pijpers
  • (see Partners)