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Health and Performance
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Department of Health and Care
Statistics Netherlands
Henri Faasdreef 312
2492 JP Den Haag
Phone: Infoservice: 003188 570 70 70
Email: info(at)

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Data is collected twice each year.

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Cross-section, regular

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Integration of different types of data sources

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Data was collected between 1972 and 2011; data collection is ongoing and is scheduled to continue at some point in the future. (Sample size: Not applicable)


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Organizations involved in provision of health care, social care and welfare

No age restrictions

Representative for organizations involved in provision of health care, social care and welfare.

Brief overview of: Expenditures on health services (National health care accounts) (macroeconomic)


International figures according to System of Health Accounts

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Data quality

Break partly in 1998. International comparable data is available from 2005 onwards (System of Health Accounts definitions and scope available). The previous years, 1998-2004, will be adjusted in the near future to become internationally comparable.

Consistent time series from 1998 onward; older series have been adjusted from 1972 onwards, but are less detailed.


Strengths: The data source provides information about complete health and social care coverage. It is the basis for medium term forecasts on healthcare of the CPB (official economic forecasts) and is the basis for the Cost-of-Illness studies of RIVM (breakdown also to population classes!). Weaknesses: The dataset provides only expenditure data and no cost data, as well as no data for pharmaceutical and medical equipment industries, given the methodology of the System of Health Accounts.

  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Frank P. Pijpers
  • (see Partners)