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CVZ Medicine and medical aid information project (GIP)
CVZ Genees- en hulpmiddelen Informatieproject (GIP)

Health and Performance
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Country Netherlands
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Contact information

Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ)
Health Care Insurance Board (CVZ)
Eekholt 4
1112 XH Diemen
Phone: 003120 7978686

Timeliness, transparency

Data is collected on a monthly basis.

Type of data


Type of Study

Cross-section, regular

Data gathering method


Access to data

Cannot be downloaded directly

Conditions of access

Aggregated data is publicly available through "GIPdatabank" (, ATC5-level

Contact data administrator (see contact information)

Anonymised microdata

SPSS (default)

Limited English documentation available


Data was collected between 1994 and 2011, with sample size of 24 insurance companies (97% sample of insured people). Data collection is ongoing and is scheduled to continue at some point in the future.


Not applicable

Not applicable

Dutch population with medicine/ medical aid use

No age restrictions

Representative for all insured people in the Netherlands

Detailed study of: Delivery and reimbursement of medicine and medical aid; type, costs, duration


Use of atc/ddd-classificattion for medicine and iso999-classification voor medical aid

Linkage is legally not permitted.

Data quality

Data are checked for validity, completeness and consistency.

Concepts are consistent in time


Strengths: The data source provides high coverage, detailed and high quality data. Weaknesses: The dataset does not provide information about indications or intramural delivery of medicine.

  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Frank P. Pijpers
  • (see Partners)