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National registration of ambulatory care
Landelijke Ambulante Zorg Registratie (LAZR)

Health and Performance
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Country Netherlands
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Dutch Hospital Data
Oudlaan 4
3515 GA Utrecht
Phone: 003130 273 9521
Email: secretariaat(at)

Timeliness, transparency

Data is collected annually.

Type of data


Type of Study

Cross-section, regular

Data gathering method


Access to data

Cannot be downloaded directly

Conditions of access

Data request in accordance with 'Data use-protocol' (

Contact data administrator (see contact information)

Anonymised microdata

SPSS (default)

Contact data administrator (see contact information)


Data was collected between 1996 and 2011 with a sample size of 115 health care providers; data collection is ongoing and is scheduled to continue at some point in the future.


Not applicable

Not applicable

Dutch population with ambulatory care

No age restrictions

Representative for all ambulatory care in the Netherlands

Detailed study of: Ambulatory care; type of treatment, type of health care provider, patient information.


Contact data administrator (see contact information)

Data quality


  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Frank P. Pijpers
  • (see Partners)