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The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change

May 2009 Barometer
Barómetro Mayo 2009

Public Attitudes towards Older Age
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Research Department
Sociological Research Centre
Montalbán 8
28014 Madrid
Phone: (91) 580 76 00
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Type of Study

Cross-section, occasional

Data gathering method

Face-to-face interview (CAPI, PAPI)

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Frequencies ( and cross-tables (by age, sex, educational level, municipal size, political thoughts, voting reminder, economic status) ( To obtain access to the microdata, a formal agreement must be signed at (

Conditions of access

No agreement is signed to carry out this survey

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Frequencies, aggregated tables and microdata

Frequencies and tables are available on site, microdata in ASCII format

Methodological report (, questionnaire ( and results are in Spanish.


Data were collected between 13 and 21 of May, 2009 and the sample consisted of 2,481 effective questionnaires.


Municipalities (according to size), census tracts and individuals, randomly selected

Random sample based on the Municipal Register, but it is not reported

All of Spain

Population aged 18 and over.

The main area of interest is on opinions on elderly people, by focusing on: - social protection assessment about the elderly (and other social groups) - support actions and social attention for the elderly - old age assessment - concerns about ageing - social image - loneliness - social participation of the elderly - concerns about future

• Del Barrio, E. et al."La soledad de las personas mayores en España y Suecia". Revista española de geriatría y gerontología: Órgano oficial de la Sociedad Española de Geriatría y Gerontología 45(4) (2010): 189-195. Available at:
• "Percepción de los españoles sobre distintos aspectos relacionados con los mayores y el envejecimiento. Datos de mayo de 2009". Madrid, Portal Mayores, Informes Portal Mayores 91 (2009). Available at:


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CIS gathers social data for research to identify trends in public opinion to applied research. It has developed an expertise founded in technical and social commitment with research in social and political challenges. As usual, this general survey explores specific opinions about some sensitive issues of social interest, so it is possible to connect these with the general opinions regularly surveyed, but there is no comparable data among different issues as there is no continuity in the specific modules of this survey.

  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Vicente Rodríguez
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