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Vital statistics on causes of death
Indagine sulle cause di morte

Health and Performance
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Country Italy
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Contact information

Stefano Marchetti
ISTAT - Istituto Nazionale di Statistica
Via Cesare Balbo 16
Rome 00184
Phone: +39 06 46731
Email: stefano.marchetti(at)

Timeliness, transparency

Data is collected annually. Preliminary results are available one year following collection and definitive results are available two years after collection.

Type of data


Type of Study

Annual, global survey

Data gathering method

Data collected from Municipal Register Offices.

Access to data

Data is available online.

Conditions of access

Access to ISTAT is open and free of charge. Registration is required to obtain raw data.

Immediate. Once the desired table is chosen, the system sends it by mail immediately.

Aggregate tables

Excel, csv.

Data is available in Italian and English.


First year of data production was in 1923, but the survey is documented since 31/12/1998.



Municipal register office


Includes all deaths

Population and region representative.

Information not available.



CE n. 1338/2008

Information not available.

Data quality

Information not available.

Information not available.

Information not available.


The Vital statistics system on causes of death is the main source for the evaluation of the health status of the population, and for the health programmes and resources allocation. Data on causes of all deaths occurring in Italy during a calendar year are collected by the death certificates ISTAT/D.4, D.5, D.4 bis and D.5 bis. The physician must fill out the health section of the certificate (part A) and the civil status officer of the appurtenant municipality must fill out the demographic section of the certificate (part B).

  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Stefano Bonassi
  • Patrizio Pasqualetti
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