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Municipal Person Registration
Gemeentelijke Basisadministratie (GBA) - parent-child relations

Intergenerational Relationships
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Country Netherlands
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Contact information

Department of Demographic Statistics
Statistics Netherlands
Henri Faasdreef 312
2492 JP Den Haag
Phone: Infoservice: 003188 570 70 70
Email: info(at)

Timeliness, transparency

Data is collected annually and released 6 months after collection.

Type of data


Type of Study

Cross-section, regular

Data gathering method


Access to data

Cannot be downloaded directly

Conditions of access

Access to data requires: (1) Access fee (2) official authorization (CCS)


Anonymised microdata

SPSS (default)

Contact data administrator (see contact information)


Data was collected between 1995-2011. Coverage up until 2011: 14.5 million children with parent-links. Data collection is ongoing and is scheduled to continue at some point in the future.


Not applicable

Not applicable

Parents of children, who are or have been registered in a Dutch Municipality

No age restrictions

Selective administrative non-response; low registry-coverage for children born before 1966.

Detailed study of: Administrative registration of legal relations between parents and children, who are registered in a Dutch Municipality.


Linkable to other person databases through anonymised personal number; attributes of parents can be linked to children and vice versa.

Data quality

There's a small number of implausible parent-child relations.


Strengths: The dataset provides unique and numerous opportunities for intergenerational research. Weaknesses: There is limited and selective coverage of parent-child relations for children born before 1966.

  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Frank P. Pijpers
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