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Continuous leisure study
Continu Vrijetijdsonderzoek (CVTO)

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Country Netherlands
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NBTC-NIPO research
Prinses Catharina - Amaliastraat 5
2502 JL Den Haag
Phone: 003170 370 5296

Timeliness, transparency

Data is collected biennially and is released 6 months following collection.

Type of data


Type of Study

Longitude survey: long-term study of random or different samples

Longitudinal study, continuous, different samples

Data gathering method


Access to data

Cannot be downloaded directly

Conditions of access

Access to data requires: (1) Access fee (2) official authorization (CCS)

Contact data administrator (see contact information)

Anonymised microdata

SPSS (default)

Contact data administrator (see contact information)


Data were collected as follows: Wave 1: 2004/2005 Wave 2: 2006/2007 Wave 3: 2008/2009 Wave 4: 2010/2011 Wave 5: 2012/2013 The sample was composed by 350 individuals a week for 52 weeks. In total, 18,000 individuals participating in the weekly survey. Afterwards there is also another survey to indicate, among others, participation and frequency. The sample used in this survey was of 5,000 of people persons in total. Data collection is ongoing and is scheduled to continue at some point in the future.


Contact data administrator (see contact information)


Dutch population in non-institutional households

No age restrictions

Detailed study of: Leisure activities (outside the own house, minimal duration 1 hour (including travel)).


Contact data administrator (see contact information).

Data quality

Survey errors. Data is checked for quality.

Methodological improvements introduced in 2006/2007 and also in 2010/2011 for the expenditures.

Consistent method, only 2004/2005 is less comparable to the other editions due to improvements in the questionnaire after the first edition.


Strengths: Two of the strengths of this survey are its optimal spreading of observations through time and the extensive questionnaire.

  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Frank P. Pijpers
  • (see Partners)