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Care for the elderly and functionally impaired
Care for the elderly and functionally impaired

Social Systems and Welfare
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Lina Boberg
Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare
SE 106 30 Stockholm
Phone: +4675-247 38 57
Email: Lisa.boberg(at)

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Cohort study

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Access to data

Through Register Coordinator/Register Service

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The statistics, which are part of the official statistics of Sweden, are based on individual data (including consumers’ national registration numbers), which were gathered in 2007 for the first time. The information shown in the report is shown by municipality, county and for the country as a whole.


receiving some form of social support (see below)

the whole country

only groups receiving social services, etc.

The register contains information on the scope of certain municipal services in accordance with the Social Services Act (2001:453) provided for elderly and individuals with functional impairments. In summary, the register includes the following information: • Persons who live permanently in special forms of housing • Persons in ordinary housing who were granted home help • Persons in ordinary housing who had a decision on assistance for home help services • Persons who had decisions on assistance for short-term care • Persons who had decisions on assistance for daytime activities • Persons who had decisions on assistance for living support


No international standardisation

Good opportunities to combine with other Swedish registries

Data quality

The quality of the register of social services for the elderly and people with disabilities is good. All municipalities reporting data. Partial non-response can be in the form of single people and their contributions are not included in the reporting. The extent of this error is unknown. The reliability and the statistical quality of the data collected can vary between municipalities. The quality is associated with the local IT systems and how the various actions defined. Approved number of home care hours may not always be as certain municipalities instead take aid decisions on a certain level of care. In those cases indicated, an estimated number of home help hours instead making the variable something delicate.


  • The information about this dataset was compiled by the author:
  • Kenneth Abrahamsson
  • (see Partners)